Wapka phishing is one of the most popular Way to Get username or password of your victim. Basically, the main aim of Wapka phishing in order to get username or password of their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This type of site help in to get their username of password With just little Wapka phishing Codes. You can easily create such types of websites with the help of Wapka Phishing Codes and Script. In our today article, we are going to show All Wapka Phishing codes & Script collection. When anyone visits your phishing Site and then they try to enter their details than automatically all Detail delivered to you. So, you can easily get their username or password of their account.

Basically, there are lots of Website on the Internet Which are based on Phishing but Wapka is now of one of the most popular Phishing Websites. So, First of all, You Need a Wapka phishing Codes before creating a phishing Site. So, in our today post, you will get all latest wapka phishing and script collection. With the help of Wapka phishing Codes, you can easily create a phishing Website.We are share all WML/XHTML codes for Wapka sites which were also known as Wapka Phishing codes.

Nowadays youngsters mostly focus on to how to get facebook Username or Password of Your friend.  But it’s not easy but with the help of Wapka phishing, You can easily Get Username or password of your friend, Girlfriends, boyfriends etc. Most popular Wapka Facebook fake sites created nowadays uses original Facebook phishing code & WML/XHTML code which you will find in below section of this article. Well, first let you know, we are sharing these Wapka phishing scripts just for educational purpose. So that people will know How Phishing sites look like and how they were created. We are not responsible for any hard happened to you by doing any illegal activity.

Basically Mostly Peoples have some Question in their Mind. It’s Easy to create an Own Wapka Phishing Website? and the answer is Yes. It’s A very Simple and easy process just you need Some Wapka Phishing Codes & script and then you can easily Create a Wapka Phishing Website. You Don’t need to learn coding, programming and Anything else. Just you have to copy the codes from below and Paste them on your website.We will share, all types of Scripts including phishing code for Facebook, Paytm phishing code, Phishing code for auto liker site and all.

Nowsadays, many accounts are hacked by the attack of phishing. Some people who are new in the field of Phishing and don’t know the coding & programming language, Will not able to code there own website. But they can make their own Wapka phishing Website with the help of Wapka phishing Codes & Scripts. You can get Wapka phishing Scripts & Codes any where on internet. Just you need to google it.

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There are also some programmers & Codes who create a undetectable Phishing Website With their Talented mind. No one can detect this site is real or fake. But if you know languages like Jave, C++, Php, HTML, then you can easily able to understand this website and easily able to create undetectable phishing website.

Wapka Phishing Scripts

All Wapka Codes To Make Phishing Website
All Wapka Codes To Make Phishing Website

So, if you want to Get All Wapka Phishing Scripts & Codes like Facebook Phishing Script, Gmail Phishing Script, Autoliker Phishing Script, Teen Pati Phishing Scripts, etc. You can find all types of Phishing Script on our Below Post. Just Keep Reading Our Post and Get Wapka Phishing Scripts Easily. All the below Wapka Phishing Codes Designed by Me and All this Scripts are Awsome and Working 100%. If you want to make some changes on your website then you can edit this scripts according to your requirments.

What Are “Wapka Phishing Codes“?

Phishing is the the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online. Wapka Phishing Codes are scripts to make phishing website which looks like original website but it’s your Fake phishing website.

All Wapka Phishing Codes 2019

Here are some of the most popular Wapka phishing codes of 2018. You don’t need to make any changes in these scripts, because all are cool designed and non detected. I am sharing Facebook Phishing script, Autoliker phishing script, Teen patti phishing script and Paytm phishing script.

WML/XHTML Codes for Wapka

Facebook Wapka Phishing Code – Visit Here

Autoliker Wapka Phishing Code: Visit Here

Teen Patti Wapka Phishing Code: Visit Here

Paytm Wapka Phishing Code: Visit Here

All the Above Wapka Phishing Codes are 100% Working and You can easily make a Wapka Phishing Website with the help of Working Phishing Codes to Make Wapka Website. All the above Scripts are non detectable. So, you don’t need to worry about it. No one can detect your wapka phishing Websites.

Many users are facing issues on making Phishing on Wapka and I received too many comments regarding to:

  • Wapka Phishing Site Shows Blank Page
  • My Wapka Phishing Website Is Blocked By Government
  • Your Script Isn’t Working, It Shows Blank Screen After Pasting Wapka Codes
  • And much more.

Many of Users facing Wapka phishing Issue. So, We also posted another Method of Facebook Phishing. In This method you don’t need Any Wapka Phishing Codes & Scripts. Just Follow Below Steps to Make Your Facebook Phishing Websites.

2nd Method:-

Facebook Phishing Without Using Wapka (New)

This is another one of the best Facebook Phishing Trick Without Any Wapka Phishing Scripts & Codes. This is also one of the easiest method to Make your own Facebook Phishing Websites Without Using Wapka. So, let’s Start.

Steps to Create a Facebook Phishing Website Without Using Wapka –

  • First of all go to website Shadowave.
  • Click on >>>Sign Up Here<<< button.
New Working Phishing Trick
New Working Phishing Trick
  • After Creating Your Account. Login to your account and it will show your Phishing Scama’s on screen. You can use Facebook Profile or Facebook App Scama. (We are using Profile Scama in the guide).
Latest Facebook Phishing Method
Latest Facebook Phishing Method
  • Now Design Your facebook Profile according to your need. So, just fill all the details like given below in the screenshot and upload Your Profile Pic & Cover pic according to your choice.
Shadowave Phishing Guide
Shadowave Phishing Guide
  • After setting it up, click on Create button and it will ask to click here to get your Scama’s link.

All Wapka Phishing Tricks

  • Now, ask your Victim to send Friend Request on this account, whenever your Victim clicks on Add Friend button, it ask to Login to your Facebook account. Once he/she enters Email-Pass and clicks on Login Button, you will receive entered details on your Shadowave Victim’s section.
Wapka Phishing Codes
Wapka Phishing Codes
  • Our New Facebook Phishing is too Easy and you can do it without any Wapka Codes & Scripts. So, just follow Our Below Steps and You can easily Get Username or Password of Your Friend, Gf, BF etc. There are lots of Users who suffering lots of problems but this tutorial help you to Make Facebook Phishing Website easily. Enjoy

Warning :- This article is Only for Educational Purpose. We are not responsible for any hard happened to you by doing any illegal activity.


So, We Posted All the Latest Wapka Phishing Scripts & Codes in our Website. With the help of Wapka phishing Script you can easily Create phishing Website. Just you need to have some basic knowledge of HTML etc.We shared original Facebook phishing code, facebook phishing wml/xhtml code, etc.. Now, we also added Facebook Phishing method without using Wapka.

Do you have any query or problem regarding to this scripts? If yes, feel free to ask in comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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