Basically this question is asked by most of the users, that how to take a screenshot on andriod device. When someone Purchased a new smartphone, they didn’t knew how to take a screenshot of the background. Then user search on web how to take a screenshot in andriod device. So, basically today we are going to teach you how to take screenshots in any andriod device. Its work on mostly all the devices.

Steps to take screenshot in any andriod device:

To Capture a screenshot of your phone backgroup Simple Long press the Volume down key + Power/Lock button. Hold these two keys for a while may be for 3 seconds than your screenshot will be saved which you can check in gallery or File Manager–>Pictures–>Screenshots.

In Gallery You’ll see a a folder named Screenshots where you can see all the saved screenshots.

So, its so easy to take screenshot of your backgroud

There is also many andriod apps available in playstore which help you to take screenshot of your backgroud ( like Easy Screenshot , Screenshot andriod apps available in Google play store.

Check Out Some examples of Screenshots:

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