Hello Readers, you must know about advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Device !! You want to Root your Device !! Today This post clear your all Doubts regarding Rooting Device !! Most People do care about their andriod smartphone really want to know before they even try to root !! Today this post give you good news and bad news also about rooting Device !!


First We start with Advantages of Rooting :

#1. Root Access / super user access

Once your andriod device rooted , then now you have control on various files/parts/section of your smartphone !! That Really a good which allow us to customise your andriod phone more and other thing you can also able to remove any system app which you can’t be delete before root !! Most of app require root to run in your phone !! Root access allow this app in your smartphone to run smoothly !!

#2 Blocking

This is most popular use of rooted device !! Mostly when you browsing internet , ads alwayes disturb you !! But you will solve your this problem after rooting your device !! You can able to block ads in rooted device !!

#3 CPU Clocking  

Cpu clocking is normally not available in any unrooted device !! But once you root , you can control over your Cpu speed and Frequency !! This is most helpful fpr your device !! Decrease your Cpu frequency change the Performance of your Battery and Your device !! Your can Change your Frequency Via App which name No Frills CPU Control !! This app control your cpu speed and Frequency !! Download No Frills CPU Control From Here

Even many cases its setup/setting not working in device !!

 #4 Tweaking 

This use is also vey important !! Tweaking help you to customize your device and increase your andriod device performance !! this help you in to customize your themes, fonts easily !!! This also improve your device during multitasking !!

#5 Remove Pre installed app

There are many cases where manufacturers and carriers will install apps that you wouldn’t want need. They’re just going  taking up space on your Smart phone!! The most likely case is that they’re set as system apps. You can’t normally uninstall/remove them. Rooting will definitely help you to remove your all unwanted app !!

Disadvantages of rooting Device :

#1. Root access / Super user access

This is useful for our andriod device ! But until something gone wrong !! One wrong setting and wrong file deleted by you !! That make your device brick !! So, be carefully !!

#2 CPU Clocking

 Although there’s a many types of apps out there to help you increase and decrease CPU speed and at least some have good safety features, someone is almost always bound to get it wrong and BBQ their device.

 #3 Brick

This is the deadly word of the rooting world !! When you brick your device its mean your Android device is now a very fancy and very unusable brick. Yes, there are ways to fix it. It can be surprisingly easy to brick your device !! Mostly Devices got brick during Rooting process !! So , be carefull !!

#4 Warranty

 It’s well known that rooting an Android device will void its warranty. Un-rooting might not work every time. So this particular problem is definitely situation dependent. It’s a matter of if you care about it or not and if the device was under warranty to begin with?

#5 Tweaking

What did you think was going to happen when you adjust a setting wrong? If you guessed “nothing pretty”, you’re good!! Sure, anyone can tweak their device all day long. Find out how FIRST. Otherwise, get ready for that “nothing pretty” wreck!!

So, This Tips help you before you try to root your device !!

Thanx for visiting !!



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