Facebook Facts
Facebook Facts

Facebook Facts – Facebook is one of the Top Most Popular Social Network Website Now a Day. About 1.6 Billions of Users are now registered with Facebook Now that Makes a Website Top Most popular in the world. Facebook is A best Social networking for Connecting peoples and Chat with Your friends, family, This is the easiest way for connecting people among all over the countries. and it’s so cool to make friends on facebook and chat with them.

Today We Are Sharing Some Interesting Facebook Facts About Facebook. So, Don’t forget to Read our Full Post. All the below Facts Are True. We Got all that information From High-level Websites. So, Read our Full Post and Enjoy Facebook Facts

Top Facebook Facts –

  1. 600,000 Hacking Attempt are Made to Facebook Accounts Everyday

2. You Can Change your language on Facebook To Pirates 

3. The Average U.S Users Spends 40 Minutes A Day On Facebook

4. AL Pacino Was the First Person On Facebook

5. Smartphone Users Check Facebook 14 times A Day

6. Several Peoples Have been Murdered For Unfriending Someone On Facebook

7. Facebook Track Which Site You Visit Even After You Have Signed Out.

8. 1 in 3 People Feels More Dissatisfied With Their Life After Visiting Facebook, According to a Study.

9. Facebook is Primarily Blue Because of Mark Zuckerberg Suffers Red- Green Colour BlindNess.

10. There are About 30 Million Dead Peoples on Facebook

11. Facebook, Twitter & New York Time Have Been Blocked in China Since 2009.

12. A Third of All Divorce Filings of 2011 in the U.S Contained The Word “Facebook”

13. You Can’t Block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

14. Facebook Earn An Average of Us $5.85 From Every U.S User.

15. There Are More Facebook Users From U.S Than Us. Citizens That Voted in the Last Election.

16. A Blogger Hired A Women To Slap Him Every Time He is On Facebook.

17. So, Many Facebook Photos & Videos are uploaded via Mobile that it takes up 27% of upstream Web Traffic.

18. 5% of Brits Use Facebook While Having Sex, According to A Survey.

19. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Donated US $ 1 Billion to Charity in 2013, &  $45 Billion to charity in 2015 Making him the biggest charitable Donor in the U.S

20. 8.7% of Users Are fake on Facebook
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