Hello Guys, Today We are going to talk About How to Increase Blog Traffic. How can we increase Blog Traffic. Traffic is really very important to earn money from your website. If you have no traffic in your blog its mean your income is ZERO. So, today we are going to tell you how can you increase blog traffic. Just Read our full post below.

How to Increase blog Traffic 2018 Trick
How to Increase blog Traffic 2019 Trick

Basically, there is not a such way that quick increase blog traffic . You need to go through a lot of steps to increase your traffic.

Quality is a king. You Content must be clean and Easy readable. Basically, people like to visit those sites which have good contents, easy to read, and quality contents. So, first You need to post only Quality Contents.

 An Online Business without traffic is like a Shop without Customers.

There are 3 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic:

  1.  Referral traffic : Those traffic which comes from Emails,Youtube,Social Media ( Like Facebook,Twitter,Etc)
  2. Search Traffic : Traffic From Search Engine. When Your rank reach top position on Major Search Englines like google,bing etc. Its increase your traffic at high.
  3. Direct Traffic: This is the top hardest steps because it takes a lot of time to build. Direct Traffic means people Directly Visit your Site For Ex. They direct Search Your Site “www.alltechknowledge.com” .Its takes a lot of times and hard work. Basically, You always visit google, facebook, twitter etc

Must Check:-

Now We are going talk about Referral traffic and Search Traffic below:

How to Drive your traffic via Referral:

You can easily Drive your traffic by sharing your site link to facebook, twitter, etc. You already know that Facebook Crossed the 1.3billion Users, So, it so easy to Drive traffic from Facebook. You can share your site post in facebook groups,Facebook pages, timelines and you can also promote your website on Facebook but it is paid.

Facebook page is the best way to increase your traffic. If you have a good page with heavy likes and maximum reach, then it is so easy to drive traffic to your blog.

Now we are going to talk about Email Newsletter 

Basically it’s also the best way to drive traffic to your blog. Email newsletter Send post directly to readers Via emails. Then your traffic automatically increase. The best Sites that provide Email Newsletters are: mailchimp, Getresponse etc

Now Step is How to drive traffic from Seach Engine:

SEO: When We are talking about SEO then the major target would be google because google is the best search engine in the world. Google Rank is at no. 1 by Alexa Traffic Rank. There are many search engine available but they are not better than Google. So, Now we are targeting Google Search engine now.

Google, the aim would be to show up best results on the top of the search results. In this process, they have developed an algorithm that can automatically filter good websites and show them on the top of the search results for the search query a user enters. The algorithm has about 200 different factors that contribute to the ranks of a website/blog. I won’t be listing out all of them but let you know some major factors that can help you in boosting your traffic


Backlinks have always been the major factor for a very long time. They would still be an integral part of the algorithm for a very long time. Backlinks are a boon and also curse for Google. Backlinks can help in filtering the good results from the bad ones, but in this process, spammers tend to abuse Google by building backlinks and outranking Google for many keywords.

Google says to focus on the quality of the content and backlinks will be generated organically. That means people will automatically link back to you if your blog has great content. But, in the initial days, no one will link back to you as you are relatively new, and another case would be you don’t have great content on your site, so other people are not at all interested in linking back to you.

So, First you should make a quality content. If people like your post then they try to generate backlinks organically.

Tips for Organic Link Building – InfoGraphics, Making Videos, Content Marketing, Guest Blogging.

Black Hat Link Building Methods – Buying links from Fiverr/SEO Clerks, Paid posting, Paid Guest Posting, Article submissions, Directory Submission, Site Wide Links, Blog Commenting.

Proper Title, Permalink and Meta Description:

Most of the webmasters tend to leave the title and description default. But, that won’t help you in getting the maximum benefit. You need to have a custom permalink and a Google Search Title and Description. For this purpose, I would recommend Yoast SEO Pugin.

Additionally, you have to no-index tags, archives, and unwanted pages from getting listed in Search engines. This can also be done with SEO by Yoast.

Proper Usage of Keywords:

Proper Usage of keywords is very important while writing a content in your blog. Most of the times the keywords that people tend to search are obvious but in some cases, you have to get an idea of what keywords people are looking for in Google Search.

Move to HTTPS:

Https is really better than HTTP . Google has recently made it clear that SSL is one of the ranking factors. So, make a move right now.

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