Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click
Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click

add all friends to facebook group – Facebook is one of the Top Most Popular Social Network Website Now a Day. About 1.6 Billions of Users are now registered with Facebook Now that Makes a Website Top Most popular in the world. Facebook is A best Social networking for Connecting peoples and Chat with Your friends, family, This is the easiest way for connecting people among all over the countries. and it’s so cool to make friends on facebook and chat with them.

Facebook also the Best source of Generating Income from different Sources. Some people’s Facebook for business, Fun, Etc etc. The Most Popular Income Generate Source is Facebook Page that generates thousands of Rupees daily if you have a good popular Facebook Fan Page.

Today We are going to Show you Some Tips & Trick for Facebook. That Really interesting and Good for you. Even Some of the Facebook Users Search on Google for Facebook Tricks like – Facebook Single Name tricks, How to Increase Likes on Facebook, how to make stylish Name id, adding all Facebook friend at Group Once, and much more which is search by all and every User.

Below We are posted Some Great Facebook tricks that help You. So, Read our full Post and Enjoy !!

Facebook Groups are very useful for us. This helps in making earning from referring friends, affiliate, etc. Mostly Facebook Groups are used by a logger for sharing their content to Maximum of Users so, that they share a post in multiple Groups on Facebook and Get Traffic to their site. So, Today i am going to show you how to Add All Facebook Friend in Group With Single Click Easily. This trick is So Simple & Easy. So, follow our steps carefully.

Steps to Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click at Once:

So here we have a simple guide for you about How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once in a single click. Make sure you follow these steps carefully. They are quite easy and very convenient to follow.

Steps To Add Friends Using Browser Script

  • First Login with Your Facebook Account In Google Chrome ( I recommended to Use Google Chrome)
  • Now Open the Group Where You want to Add Your All Friends
  • Once Opened, Now Press F12 in From Your Keyboard
  • Now Click on Console-Like below Screenshot.
  • Now Copy the Script Click here
  • Now Copy this Text Like Screenshot Below
How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once
How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once
  • Now Goto Facebook and Open Console Box
  • Now paste Copied Text in Console Box like Below
  • Paste Your Script in blank box and Click Enter
  • That’s it. It Will Start Adding Your Facebook friends in your groups.
  • Within Few Minutes it will add your all facebook friends in your facebook group.

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Final Words:

Hope you like our post. This post is only made for those who want to add their Facebook friends at once. As normal it takes lots of time if you have a large friends list. So, this trick is very helpful for those. So, Please like our Post and Share it,

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